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At Direct Coins, we want to keep you informed about our upcoming new releases from The Perth Mint, Royal Australian Mint and other premium partners around the world. Due to supplier agreements, not all brands / products we offer are listed on this page. We highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter to ensure you receive the latest product information on release day.

The Perth Mint

Available 3rd August, 2021

  • The Simpsons Family 2021 1oz Silver Coin in Card
  • Australian Brumby 2021 2oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin
  • Australian Kangaroo 2021 2oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin
  • Great Southern Land 2021 1oz Silver Proof Mother of Pearl Coin
  • Dragon 2021 1oz Silver Proof Rectangular Coin
  • Double Dragon and Yin Yang Koi 2021 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

Royal Australian Mint

Available 18th August, 2021

  • 2020 $2 Coloured Coin Collection - 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Team

Available 19th August, 2021

  • 2021 20c Coloured Uncirculated Coin - Animalia
  • 2021 20c Coloured Uncirculated Coin in Anniversary Book - Animalia
  • 2021 20c Gold-Plated Coloured Uncirculated Coin in Deluxe Anniversary Book - Animalia
  • 2021 $1 Copper Uncirculated Two-Coin Set - 110 Years of the Australian Penny

New Zealand Mint

July, 2021

  • 2nd July - DC Comics - 1997 Batmobile 1oz Silver Coin
  • 6th July - Chibi™ Coin Collection 1oz Silver Coins
  • 7th July - Disney Alice in Wonderland - Alice 1oz Silver Coin
  • 9th July - HARRY POTTER™ - Hogwarts™ Crest 1oz Silver Coin
  • 13th July - Chibi™ Coin Collection 1oz Silver Coins
  • 16th July - Star Wars™ Guards of the Empire Sith Trooper™ 1oz Silver Coin
  • 20th July - AQUAMAN™ Emblem 1oz Silver Coin
  • 23rd July - Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon™ 1oz Silver Shaped Coin
  • 27th July - Chibi™ Coin Collection 1oz Silver Coins

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