Royal Australian Mint

Beneath The Southern Skies Back In 2021 With A Platypus

Issued by the Royal Australian Mint, this beautiful 2021 $1 1oz Silver Investment Coin is the latest release in the Beneath the Southern Skies series.

27 April 2021
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Iconic Australian Design Inspired By The Commonwealth Coat Of Arms

Direct Coins is proud to present the first release in the Royal Australian Mint's new Australia’s Coat of Arms Series.

15 February 2021
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The Australian Shipwrecks Series Concludes With The Zeewijk

The fourth and final release in the exceptional Australian Shipwrecks triangular-shaped investment coin series features the Zeewijk.

29 January 2021
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AC/DC Album Anniversaries Celebrated On Australian Legal Tender

Over almost five decades it’s been a long way to the top of music charts globally for Australian rock legends AC/DC. To celebrate the milestone anniversaries of six of their album releases, the Royal Australian Mint has issued coloured coin tributes to the vinyls that have electrified generations of music fans.

8 October 2020
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The Seven Sisters Captured By Wajarri-Noongar Artist Christine ‘Jugarnu’ Collard

Wajarri-Noongar artist Christine ‘Jugarnu’ Collard’s artwork Seven Jijas (sisters) is a feature of the coins design. Indigenous Australians were the first astronomers and have long used the stars as maps.

3 September 2020
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Banjo Paterson's Most Beloved Poems Captured In Legal Tender

Three of the most beloved poems by Australian bush balladeer 'Banjo' Paterson are feature in this set of three 2020 50c uncirculated coins: Waltzing Matilda, The Man From Snowy River, and Clancy of the Overflow.

3 August 2020
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Historic Sixth Effigy Of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Heralds a New Era

In 2019 the Royal Australian Mint introduced an historic sixth effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Australia’s coins. This set of six silver proof 2020 coins features the new effigy on the obverse.

1 June 2020
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Emu In The Sky Constellation Captured By Wiradjuri Artist Scott Towney

The majesty and wonder of the Emu in the Sky constellation is captured in the art of Wiradjuri artist Scott Towney on this stunning 2020 Star Dreaming 1/2oz Silver Uncirculated Coin.

4 May 2020
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Exciting New Investment Coin Series Pays Homage To Stuart Devlin

Beneath the Southern Skies is a stunning investment coin series that pays homage to Stuart Devlin, who designed many of Australia's circulating coins.

28 April 2020
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