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2018 Possum Magic Baby Unc Coin Set

The 2018 Baby Uncirculated Coin Set celebrates the 35th anniversary of one of Australia’s most celebrated children’s books, Possum Magic by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas.

Featuring one of the book’s celebrated illustrations on the fifty cent coin and another on a colour printed token, it is an ideal gift for those who welcome a new child into their families in 2018.


Code: 1520

Since its publication in 1983, Australian children have been captivated by Possum Magic. Mem Fox and Julie Vivas’ delightful – and truly Australian – picture book has introduced many young Australians to the story of Grandma Poss and her granddaughter Hush.

Long ago, Grandma Poss has made Hush invisible to protect her from the perils of the bush. One day, when Hush decides that she would like to see what she looks like, Grandma Poss is at a loss. She remembers her magic has something to do with food—’people’ food—and so the two possums take a journey around Australia to find Australian treat that will make Hush visible again.

Possum Magic celebrates not only Australia’s unique animals and foods but also the warmth of family and the imaginative possibilities the world has to offer. It was awarded the 1984 Ethel Turner Prize in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and the 1994 Canberra’s Own Outstanding List Award. On the 35th anniversary of its publication, Possum Magic is still striking a chord with the newest generation of Australian readers.

    Coin Highlights:

  • A celebration of the 35th anniversary of Possum Magic

  • The 50c coin features a special sculpted design of one of Julie Vivas’ beautiful illustrations

  • Includes a special colour printed token of Hush eating a lamington

  • Australian legal tender

Product Code: 311536

Mass (g) 2.83, 5.65, 11.30, 15.55, 9.00, 6.60

Denomination (AUD) 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2

Diameter (mm) 19.41, 23.60, 28.52, 31.51, 25.00, 20.50

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