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2018 50c The Western Front - Villers-Bretonneux Unc Coin

This coin pays tribute to those who served in the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, in which an unconventional surprise night attack carried out by Australian troops liberated the strategic town of Villers-Bretonneux from the Germans.

This allowed the Allies to launch a counter-offensive, leading to further victories and ultimately the end of fighting on the Western Front.


Code: 1692

By 1918, a trench warfare stalemate had dragged on at the Western Front for three years. In March, German troops launched their ‘Spring Offensive’, aimed at the French town of Amiens with its vital communication lines.

Australian troops were rushed in to assist the Allies against the attack. The town of Villers-Bretonneux became an important target for the German offensive. Supported by tanks, German troops managed to capture the strategic Hill 104.

On 24-25 April, troops of the Australian 13th and 15th Brigades made an unconventional night assault on Villers-Bretonneux, surrounding German troops and driving them out of the town. From this position, the Allies launched a successful counter-offensive which led to the end of the fighting on the Western Front.

    Coin Highlights:

  • Design features an artistic representation of Australian soldiers at a machine gun post on Hill 104

  • Struck to the Royal Australian Mint’s high quality uncirculated standard

  • Limited to 15,000 coins

  • Australian legal tender

Product Code: 311275

Mass (g) 15.55

Denomination (AUD) 50c

Diameter (mm) 31.51

Maximum Mintage: 15,000

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