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2017 Australian Citizenship $1 Coin In Card

Direct Coins is proud to offer the annual 2017 Australian Citizenship $1 Coin.

Taking the ‘Pledge of Commitment’ and receiving Australian Citizenship is a proud and often moving moment for many new Australians. To help celebrate this joyful and important milestone, The Perth Mint has issued this uncirculated Australian Citizenship $1 coin.

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Code: 1223

A great gift idea or as a personal purchase, this affordable legal tender coin makes for a fantastic keepsake.

The 2017 Australian Citizenship $1 Coin is issued as Australian legal tender and has an unlimited mintage.

The coin’s reverse design depicts the Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms, accompanied by the words AUSTRALIAN and CITIZENSHIP. The Coat of Arms consists of the badges of the six States of the Commonwealth on a shield enclosed by an ermine border signifying Australian Federation in 1901. The design also incorporates The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark.

The obverse of the coin depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the monetary denomination and the 2017 year-date.

The coin is housed on a coloured presentation card, which also incorporates a Certificate of Authenticity and features a fold-out stand for upright display.

Product Code: 17A40AAD

Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1

Minimum Gross Weight (g) 13.50

Maximum Diameter (mm) 30.60

Maximum Thickness (mm) 3.10

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