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2016 Apex Predators Dingo 1oz Silver Proof Coin

The Australian Apex Predators series celebrates the powerful skills and unusual anatomical features that enable these animals to stand apart.

The precision with which these animals hunt is matched by the detailed illustration in each piece. Meticulously reproduced in black and white, the defining attributes of the apex predators are revealed.

Shipping to commence from 27th May, 2016

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This coin pays tribute to the dingo and its special place in Australian culture. This wild dog is our largest land-based predator and hunts more than 170 species, from insects to large mammals. Its main periods of activity are around dusk and dawn, and it tends to be nocturnal in warmer regions and less so in cooler areas. The dingo typically hunts alone but will form a pack in pursuit of larger prey. It generally howls, rarely barks.

The adult dingo stands around half a meter tall at the shoulder and is over a meter in length from nose to distinctive white-tipped tail. Its colourings vary and are adapted to the range of habitats in which it lives – in desert areas the fur is a sandy colour and in forests a darker tan to black. With the dingo having been in Australia for thousands of years, the thickness and length of its fur is perfectly adapted to the environment.

The dingo makes its home in abandoned rabbit burrows and hollow logs. Essential to its choice of den is the site’s proximity to fresh water although, when conditions are dry, the resourceful dingo survives on the liquids contained in its prey.

This coin depicts in detail the formidable dingo surveying its territory. It also records the year of production, the signature of the artist Elise Martinson, and the coin’s weight and purity.

The obverse design includes the Ian Rank Broadly effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the country and date of issue, and the piece’s value in Cook Island dollars.

No more than 2,000 of the 2016 Apex Predators - Dingo 1oz SIlver Proof Coin will be released worldwide!

Product Code: AP2015002

Metal Content (Troy oz) 1

Monetary Denomination (CID) 1

Fineness (% purity) 99.9

Maximum Dimension (mm) 28.90 x 49.90

Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.104

Maximum Mintage: 2,000

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