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2015 Australian Road Sign Emu Frosted Gold Unc Coins

The Australian Road Sign Series continues to boast a combination of Australia’s unique wildlife, sought after precious metals and the Royal Australian Mint’s high quality frosted uncirculated standard.

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Please allow additional delivery time for the custom minted 1kg coin.

Following the popular kangaroo and koala coins from previous years, this new release features Australia’s most iconic and recognisable native bird, the emu.

The emu (Dromaius novaehollondiae) is a uniquely Australian creature, characterised by its long neck and legs, shaggy grey-brown feathers, blue-tinged head and neck and bounce in its step. It is among the most iconic and revered native birds of this country.

What the emu lacks in flying ability, it makes up for with its high-powered running skills. With three forward-facing toes on each foot, the emu’s run is a sight to behold. Each step can be up to 3 metres long, with a speed of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

When birds of prey are stalking from above, it can confuse its feathered predators by running to safety in a zig-zag pattern. It is second only to the ostrich as the largest and the fastest bird on land.

Since 1908, the emu has stood proudly alongside the kangaroo on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. The Emu is the third and final coin in the popular precious metal Australian Road Sign Series.

Metal Content (Troy oz) 1, 5

Monetary Denomination (AUD) 100, 500

Fineness (% purity) 99.99

Maximum Diameters (mm) 38.74, 59.80

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