2015 Alphabet Coloured Silver Frosted Unc Coin Collection

Depicting some of Australia’s most beloved animals and inspired by our ABCs, these fine silver, frosted uncirculated coins from the Alphabet Coin Collection simply spells fun.

Each coin design features hidden objects which can be detected with a magnifier, with the illustrative packaging providing some helpful hints.

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The alphabet is familiar yet timeless, resonating with many throughout their whole life.

The Royal Australian Mint’s coin designer Bronwyn King designed each coin in the Alphabet Coin Collection and showcased her talent by illustrating the accompanying Australian animal for the packaging.

Each fine silver coin shows an Australian animal corresponding with the letter featured on the coin, the captivating designs fostering a personal connection with these unique pieces.

Hidden objects also beginning with the same letter are cleverly incorporated into the design.

Through these beautiful examples of coining art, we have created an heirloom of childhood, a dazzling way to welcome a new addition to the family or mark a special milestone.

The outer box includes an alphabet rhyme which highlights the most treasured qualities in our children.

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