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2015 $1 Unlikely Heroes Horrie The Dog Unc Coin

As Australia continues to commemorate the Centenary of Anzac, it is not just our diggers whom we remember.

Australian heroes came in all different shapes, sizes… and species. Creatures great and small who contributed their strength, energy and lives to the Australian Imperial Forces and the Australian Defence Force helped to define the spirit of our great nation.

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Around the world, dogs are talented in helping people. Whether it is their ability to guard property, warn people of danger, provide companionship or hear, smell and see what humans can’t, they are loyal and devoted creatures.

Such special talents have also been used in times of war. Dogs’ noses can smell the enemy approaching, their ears can sense the rumble of approaching aircraft, their legs can dodge shell holes, and their spirit can warm hearts.

In Egypt 1941, Private Jim Moody, VX13091, of the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion discovered a puppy in the Ikingi Mariut area of the Western Desert. The dog was named Horrie, and used a distinctive bark to warn the battalion that the enemy was approaching. He was given the service number EX1 and travelled to Greece, Crete, Palestine, and Syria before being smuggled into Australia.

Product Code: 310637

Metal Content (g) 9.00

Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1.00

Maximum Diameters (mm) 25.00

Maximum Mintage: 30,000

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