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2015 $1 Berlin World Money Fair Ampelmann Unc Coin

Australia’s iconic $1 coin design gets its own special international touch as the Royal Australian Mint celebrates being Guest of Honour at the 2015 World Money Fair.

Coin dealers and enthusiasts from around the world will be converging in Berlin, where the quintessential Australian coin design will be adorned with the iconic German Ampelmann privy mark.

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In 2015, the Royal Australian Mint is celebrating its golden anniversary. For 50 years, the Mint has produced coins which have reflected Australian history and culture. These have become beloved tokens for spending and saving, and have been world renowned for their artistic qualities and engineering excellence.

It is truly fitting that the Mint will be Guest of Honour at the 2015 World Money Fair in Berlin.

The Mint will be showcasing a wide range of its Australian designs and products to coin dealers from around the world. To celebrate the international connection that this occasion offers, Australian dollar coins will feature a German-themed privy mark. The Ampelmann was a world-first in illuminated pedestrian crossing icons. Designed by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau in 1961. Ampelmann has developed a cult collecting status and is a popular souvenir item in the tourist industry.

The Royal Australian Mint will release no more than 10,000 of the 2015 $1 Berlin World Money Fair Ampelmann Unc Coin.

Product Code: 711157

Metal Content (g) 9.00

Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1

Maximum Diameters (mm) 25.00

Maximum Mintage: 10,000

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