2015 $1 Australian Crocodiles Agro Junior Frosted Unc Coin

Continuing the Royal Australian Mint’s collaboration with Australia Zoo, the third Saltwater Crocodile coin features Agro Junior, the son of the Crocoseum’s cold-blooded, but loving couple -Agro and Cookie.

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Whether you call it the saltwater crocodile, the estuarine crocodile or crocodylus porosus, it is the largest reptile roaming the earth today. Lurking in dark and cloudy waters around the northern areas of Australia, it can surprise and terrify a wide range of prey.

Almost anything that flies, swims or roams in its watery region is fair game for this hungry creature.

Since 1988, 37-year old Agro has lived in the comfort of Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum. This 15-foot wonder was captured from the wild to protect him from hunters who had been stalking his Cattle Creek home. Not only did he find a new home, but he fell in love with Cookie, a ten-foot lady crocodile who is the calmest and ‘gentlest’ of crocs in the enclosure.

Agro and Cookie raised a son, Agro Junior, the star of this new collectable coin.

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Country Of Issue No
Year 2018
Denomination $1
Metal Type Silver
Weight (g) 28.349
Purity (%) 99.9
Diameter (mm) 40.00
Mintage 10,000