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2014 Eight Horse 2oz Silver XAG Bar

UNBRIDLED GOOD FORTUNE - Embodied in two ounces of 99.9% pure silver, are the passion, power and success of eight spirited stallions running free.

As they charge forth,
they bring with them youthful energy, alive with good fortune.

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Chinese tradition has it that eight horses running together, in the same direction, is symbolic of the arrival of luck. Horses are universally renowned for their power, grace and sense of freedom. They possess a distinct position in many cultures that reflects their unique bond with people. Our relationship with horses is one of mutual respect, trust and love.

- There are eight distinct coats on the horses in this piece. Leading the charge is the Dun. Characterised by a light body colour, these horses have a distinct stripe along their dorsal region. Behind the Dun is the rare Black horse. With dark brown eyes and black skin, this horse’s coat is a rich ebony black.

The third galloping horse from the left is the Chestnut. Found in many
breeds, the Chestnut’s deep reddish brown coat is offset by the lighter shades of its mane and tail. Following the Chestnut come the Palomino, with its distinctive white mane and tail highlighting its golden body.

The Grey and Bay horses are the fifth and sixth horse in the chase.
Common in many breeds, both horses have black points at their mane, tail ears and lower legs. The subtle slate of the Grey horse lightens with age as the horse matures, while the Bay’s black points soften to grey.

Bringing up the rear are the Blue Roan and Brown horses. The Blue 
Roan is a rare colour, with a dark underlying coat that has a beautiful bluish cast to it. The stable of horses is complete with the Brown horse. The rich chocolate of this horse’s coat speaks to the power and poise of
this gracious animal.

This piece of Exchange Value silver contains 2 troy ounces of pure silver. It is denominated in troy ounces; the standard unit of measure used for gold and silver traded on international metal exchanges. Its face value of 2 XAG directly corresponds to the value of its metal content traded on international metal exchanges. Exchange Value products, such as this, can be immediately valued and exchanged at any time in any currency.

Metal Content (Troy oz) 2

Denomination (XAG) 2

Fineness (% purity) 99.9

Minimum Gross Weight (g) 62.27

Maximum Diameter (mm) 78 x 31

Maximum Thickness (mm) 2.75

Maximum Mintage: 1,000

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PO Box 2111
Wangara DC, WA 6947
1300 338 894

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