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2014 $1 Bright Bugs Stag Beetle Colour Unc Coin

The male stag beetle’s impressively-proportioned mandibles are used almost exclusively for battling rivals when preferred mating territories are at stake. Like the deer they are named for, these beetles engage in ferocious-looking contests by locking ‘antlers’.

In some countries, the insects are collected and beetle-bouts are staged for entertainment.

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Fittingly, these unusual and extravagantly coloured critters are part of the Royal Australian Mint’s Bright Bugs Series.

Many children love collecting insects which makes these colour printed frosted uncirculated coins the perfect starters for coin collections–coins with insects on them!

With the colour print accentuating their radiant colours and each card highlighting fascinating facts about the insect, each coin will make a perfect addition to any collection for the young and young-at-heart. Make sure to collect them all!

Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1

Maximum Diameter (mm) 25.00

Gross Weight (g) 9.00

Finish (Type) Uncirculated

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