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2013 Australian Mining Proof Two Coin Set

The Royal Australian Mint’s 2013 Two Coin Year Sets recognise the growth of Australian mining from its humble origins during the nation’s infancy.

Though small deposits of coal, lead and copper were found shortly after the establishment of the British colony, it was the discovery of gold near Bathurst in 1851 that lead to the nation’s biggest gold rush which laid the foundation of our current economic success.

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Early mineral discoveries did make their mark on the fledgling Australian colony however it was the 1850s gold rush that had the biggest impact on the nation’s economy, population and identity.

Edward Hargraves’ find near Bathurst, New South Wales, caused gold fever which attracted thousands of prospectors, and further riches were uncovered in the soils and streams of Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Settlements that housed the diggers, such as Gympie, Ballarat and Kalgoorlie, have become thriving towns and cities, and mining has grown to become the backbone of Australia’s primary industry.

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