2013 $10 Crossing Of Blue Mountains Silver Proof Coin

In May 1813, Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson, and William Charles Wentworth set out on what was to become one of the most celebrated expeditions in Australian history – to find a passage to the western plains of New South Wales.

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The three pioneers, assisted by a local guide and three convict servants, rode out from Blaxland’s family farm near South Creek at 4pm on 11 May.

Their gruelling, 21-day trek took them through 50 miles of thick forest, across rocky trails, and required them to navigate foreboding mountain passes. Finally, from atop Mount Blaxland, the party saw what they had come to find – a vast expanse of forest and grassland stretching out before them. Land rich enough, Blaxland wrote, “To support the stock of the colony for the next thirty years”.

Two hundred years on, the Royal Australian Mint plays tribute to these brave explorers with the release of this fine silver proof coin, which depicts the three on their journey and shows the route they took.

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Country Of Issue No
Year 2018
Denomination $1
Metal Type Silver
Weight (g) 28.349
Purity (%) 99.9
Diameter (mm) 40.00
Mintage 10,000